Photographer to watch - And Balogh

Andi Balogh



Facebook:  @archephotos

Instagram:  @archephoto

Andi Balogh is a Hungarian fine-art photographer based in Espoo, Finland. She moved to the land of thousand lakes in 2009 for a different lifestyle and the uniqueness of Finnish nature. In photography, her biggest inspiration is the nordic ambiance, she takes creative portraits highlighted by moods or details of the nature that reflects the human being identified within.

Why not only landscape photography? Landscapes are the representation of the external world, however if we place the individual into the image, numerous different worlds can be created and expressed, there is no limit.

Instead of her own name, Arché became the title of her portfolio, which is an ancient greek term. It means origin, first principle, quality or force by which something was formed or consists. Shortly, Arché can be the power of the spirit.

Besides creating her personal images, she is doing collaborations with other creatives. More of her work can be found here: