Aymee Wolanski

Aymee Wolanski

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hen I have my camera in my hand, I feel like I have my artists pen.  There is something magical that happens when you press that shutter closed and forever capture that moment in time.  When I began photographing images there were no digital cameras.  We had film, and you had but one chance to properly catch the image that you wanted.  Then you waited until the film was developed to see if you had captured the image that you pictured in your mind.  Digital photography has opened the door to unbelievable possibilities.  I am able to create photographic art in the most amazing ways.  There is something unique about every client I photograph.  I love to capture that light, that spark, that vivid energy that is unique to that person.  My desire is for my images to inspire emotion.  I hope that my clients find the beauty in their images that I find in them as individuals.