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- When Purulia Comes To Life -

Purulia is one of the most backward and drought prone districts of West Bengal. But life springs in this area during the annual Bandhna festival. Just after the rains are over, the mud huts of the tribal people, in which they live need to be repaired. So the preparations of the festivities begin with the repair of the earthen walls. After coloring the walls, they are hand painted, mostly with the traditional tribal motifs inspired by nature. Off course the painting is done with earth colors.

The auspicious day begins with the women making rice powder in traditional wooden paddles called dhekis. Rice powder and chicken blood are used to decorate the house, as these two things are the main ingredients of the traditional diet and by offering these two things to the deity, the follower seeks reverence from The Almighty that they never fall short of their food for the coming year. The festival touches all hearts from the young to the old.

This photo series won the prestigious documentary award in The Humanity Photo Award, 2015 organized by CFPA, China and UNESCO.