Edgaras Vaicikevicius

My name is Edgaras Vaicikevičius and I am a photographer from Lithuania. I do not consider myself to be a professional photographer, but an observer, watching from a distance. I try not to interrupt a moment, but just record it and remain unnoticed. Social documentary photography allows me to express myself and show people the way I see the world, which consists of beautiful moments, sad moments, small gestures, and big events. Sometimes these things last for a long time and sometimes there is just a moment that can never be repeated.

I have always been interested in a variety of art forms. I graduated from Vilnius College in Higher Education with a bachelor’s degree in music. A few years later, I was unexpectedly drawn to photogrpahy, which quickly became my passion. My first camera was a simple film camera that I bought when I was 26. Since then, I have attended a large number of workshops and classes, and visited every photo gallery that I came across to learn as much as possible about the art of photogrpahy. 

I love life, I love what I do, and photography is the tool I use to express this love by capturing images of everyday life around us. I love street photography and capturing the city, the buildings, the streets, the various modes of transportation, the people, the energy, the stress and the speed. Streets are bustling places, full of people going about their daily lives, and often in a hurry. That is why people miss a lot of interesting things such as small details, the lines, shapes, shadows, and reflections that make a moment and place unique, invisible city residents, the trees, the animals, the birds, and of course the people in the midst of their lives, moments, and emotions. 

Through my lens, I can see and record so many things that generally go unnoticed each day. Life is varied and colorful, but most of my photographs are in black and white. I like that black and white allows the viewer to concentrate on the image itself, rather than the color. My photography is a reflection of who I am, what I see, and what my life is all about. Photography is my life. It is freedom. It is an experience. It is an opportunity. I have been entering competitions for several years to receive feedback on my work. I am most proud of the Humanity Photo Award 2013 (China), Ariano International Film Festival 2014 (Italy), and making the Shortlist for the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2016 (Austria). My photographs have been published in photography magazines in several countries.