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Issue 05: Love - Featured Photographer

Edgaras Vaicikevicius

My name is Edgaras Vaicikevičius and I am a photographer from Lithuania. I do not consider myself to be a professional photographer, but an observer, watching from a distance. I try not to interrupt a moment, but just record it and remain unnoticed. 

Faye Griffiths Orb-2.jpg

Issue 05: Love - Wet Plate Collodion Orbs

Faye Griffiths

The “City” is the continuing theme of my photographic work, particularly the architecture and changing light found in such man-made environments. 

Lisa Gonzalez

Issue 05: Love - Photographer to watch

Lisa Marie Gonzalez

I am the founder and artist behind Keys to Design & Photography. Although based in southwest Florida, USA, I enjoy traveling, so my services are not bound to one location. Creativity comes to me through many forms, but my main inspiration stems from fairytales and stories. 

Big Bend National Park sunset

Issue 05: Love - Photography Essay

Windows Into Texas

created by Carol and Shannon Siver and features Photogrpahy by Shannon Siver

Windows Into Texas is a place to share images from around the state of Texas  and provide thoughts and feedback. Images on the site illustrate the immense size and the great diversity in the geography throughout the state.

Wendy Mogul

Issue 04: Mysterious Land - Featured Photographer

Wendy Mogul

Wendy Mogul is a freelance photographer in Charleston, South Carolina, USA where she specializes in Architecture, Photojournalism and Real Estate Photography. 

Dwan Petti

Issue 04: Mysterious Land - Emerging Photographer to watch

Dawn Petti

Dwan Petti is currently a student at Pikes Peak Community College, working toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree for Photography and Multi-Media Graphic Design. While in school, she has started to pursue editorial portrait photography, specializing in stylized photo sessions that tell stories, both true and make-believe.


Issue 04: Mysterious Land - My Life, My Journey

Michel Fouarge

Michel Fouarge is a photographer and artist based out of Luxembourg. In the past, Michel was an international male model. Leaving this chapter more or less behind, he is now focusing on his development as a visual artist. His artwork is made from thousands of objects and colors that create a fantastic world somewhere between magical and psychedelic. He has been the judge for the Luxembourg Art Prize.

Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

Issue 03: Regarding Beauty - Feature - Platinum Printing

Herbert Ascherman, Jr.

Herbert Ascherman is a portrait, landscape and street photographer known for his elegant Platinum and Silver gelatin prints. Herb has lectured worldwide, written extensively on photography, is an amateur photo historian and an avid collector of photography books and Daguerreotypes of people with dogs.

Website: www.ascherman.com

The Dream of Trezur

Issue 03: Regarding Beauty - Featured Photographer

Karlynn Walker

My name is Karlynn A. Walker and I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and five beautiful kids and am passionate about Boudoir Photography. My path to Boudoir Photography was a long and winding road.

Website: www.smartshoot.com/wolfspirit

Facebook: @wolfspiritPhotography


Issue 02: Dreamland - Featured Photographer

Michael Mulligan

My name is Michael Mulligan and I own Michael Mulligan Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I have enjoyed taking pictures ever since I can remember. I really started to get into Photography, when I was about 13 years old.

Website: www.MichaelMulligan.com

Facebook: @Mulligan.Michael

Instagram: #MulliganPhoto

Kimberly Krauk

Issue 01: Solstice - Featured Photographer

Kimberly Krauk

My name is Kimberly Krauk and I own Zoom Photography in Charleston, South Carolina. While I travel quite a bit for my primary job, I am blessed to call the beautiful city Charleston, South Carolina my home. My interest in photography began in 2002, when a friend of mine let me borrow his Canon DSLR, while I was in Europe. 

Website: www.zoomphotography-kimberlykrauk.com

Thomas Parrish

Issue 01: Solstice - Featured Amateur Photographer

Thomas Parrish

After a 33 year career that never really stimulated the creative side of my brain, my interest in photography began.  I have always had a love for travel and the outdoors and I thought photography would allow me to develop my creative side and allow me to continue to explore the beauty of the world around me.