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  • Have you written an article on landscape photography?
  • Have you visited a location and wish to write an article about it?
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Submitting Article for Approval

First of all, we need to approve your article. To submit do the following

SEND US the full text of the written article; maximum length is 500 words. If you have a longer article you would like to submit, email:

Samples of the images in low resolution:

with the photographs as an attachment - jpg only!

1000 pixels on the longest side @72dpi to:

Ideally, we will need 2–3 images per 500 words. We may not use all submitted images due to the need to choose the appropriate ones for design purposes.

and put Submission in the subject line. Please follow the GUIDELINES!



Approved Article

Once your article has been approved we will email you and ask you to send us the full content. Here is what you will need to send us and how to do so:

  1. High resolution images for the article. Images should be JPG, a minimum of 3500 pixels on the long side and not highly sharpened. PLEASE DONT SUBMIT IMAGES PASSED INTO A WORD DOCUMENT WORD!
  2. Images should NOT contain copyright signs or digital frames and should be saved at the highest quality possible. Make sure all digital images are free from sensor dust. Please note that you keep all copyright of your pictures.
  3. Images should have all metadata intact. Images without metadata will NOT be accepted (unless it was captured in film).
  4. A document listing the titles, captions, location, and country in which the images were captured should accompany all images.
  5. Article text. We will accept the article in .doc or .docx format only; pdf or any other format will not be accepted.
  6. A short bio of no more than 60 words written in the first person and your country of residence.
  7. Your website URL (optional)

When accepted, you must provide high-res photos!

300dpi, at least 3300 pixels on the longest side for portraits and 5100 pixels on the longest side for landscapes. Images must be at least 8.5"x11" inches (portraits) and 17"(w)x11"inches(h) (Landscape).


PLEASE read our Submission Guidelines carefully!


No logos or watermarks are allowed on the photos!

Files must be attached as jpgs and not insert in a Word Document!

If they not submitted properly we can't print them!


REJECTION REASONS:*Your work is either unsuitable or does not fit with the flow of the issue.*There is little or no space left for placement.*Your work was sent to us PAST the required deadline, automatically forfeiting your work or, you did not follow our submission instructions*The quality of work is not high enough, including the resolution of the photos.*Although your rejection could be due to any of these reasons, we are not responsible for outlining the specific reason.


After you been notified that we will publish you we need this final release to be filled out and returned to us within 48 hours

Put all material in a zip file and name it "Article Submission".