Karlynn Walker

Karlynn Walker

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My name is Karlynn A. Walker and I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and five beautiful kids and am passionate about Boudoir Photography. My path to Boudoir Photography was a long and winding road. When I was a young a girl in Detroit, MI USA, my parents enrolled me in classical ballet, fashion shows and beauty pageants. Later, I started modeling part time ,while working my full time job with the City of Detroit as a lifeguard. Being 5’2 and a size 6, was not attractive to the modeling agencies; so, I got curious about what went on behind the lens. I was so used to being in front of it - why not see what the world looked like from the other side?!

Once I started, you couldn’t keep a the camera out of my hands. I began shooting landscapes and my family. As my repertoire began to expand, I saw the beauty in things that a lot of people would normally walk pass. Sometimes, I would shoot something and not realize what I caught until I developed the film. While living in California, I worked as a contractor on a military base as a Sr. Environmental Protection Specialist. 

When they found out that I loved to take pictures, they had me take pictures of the landscapes, the lake beds in the spring time when they were filled with the rain water, the desert flowers and any animals that I saw running around, when I was inspecting sites in Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. I was in heaven! I have always told everyone, to take what you love the most and turn that love into a career! One day, while my husband was looking at my pictures, he told me to follow my own advice. The next week, I enrolled at The Art Institute of Charlotte to begin turning my hobby into my profession. At first, things were great, but then, they told me I should shoot only one genre. I set out to prove them wrong! 

I find the beauty in all things and love to shoot them. I love my family; so I shoot families; I love cars and motorcycles, so I shoot cars and motorcycles; and I love nature, so I shoot nature and landscapes. My all time favorite is, Boudoir Photography. I shoot all different types and styles of Boudoir, and enjoy every second of it. When I shoot Boudoir, I want to show the inner beauty as well as the outer beauty of the woman. I want women to feel like queens and be comfortable in their skin. This is why I do it. This is why my photos are not the typical, cookie cutter boudoir photographs. As women go through life, they go through so much with their bodies. This is my way of showing them that they are beautiful no matter what shape or size they are. I want my photos to show the freedom, the strength, and beauty of the woman!

What led me to start shooting Boudoir was a car accident that left me with major damage to the nerves and tendons in my back. For a year and a half I got 24 steroid injections in my back three times a week. The severe side-effects of the steroid treatment led to such severe weight gain that I went from a size 8 to a size 22/24. I started to get depressed when I would look at myself;  I didn’t know who the person was looking back at me in the mirror.

I did everything I could, only to lose enough weight to get to a size 18. Still, I felt like, “This can’t be me!” I had a tummy tuck, and the doctor told me that I had so much muscle tone under my skin, that I could put him out of business. Well that made me smile a little, but I still dreamed of my small size. People often say, “Be glad that you are alive” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Well, There are a lot of women who go through similar things and I can attest that those words don’t really help. Women go through a lot with their bodies. Having  children, sudden changes or stressors in their lives, depression, death of a loved one, illness, medication and even freshmen year in college can all lead to changes in their bodies. I know I still fight with how I look every day. To me, Boudoir Photography is a form of therapy. It’s a way for me to heal and help others see their beauty inside and out.

Maybe just like me they can’t see it, or maybe they had someone say negative, things about them to keep them down. Those scars are difficult to heal, but easy to cover up. This is the one way I can throw it back in their faces and say, “I did that!” and help others do the same.