Kimberly Kraut

My name is Kimberly Krauk and I own Zoom Photography in Charleston, South Carolina. While traveling quite a bit for my primary job, I have been blessed to call the beautiful city Charleston, South Carolina my home. My interest in photography began in 2002, when a friend of mine let me borrow his Canon DSLR, while I was in Europe. 

His only advice to me at that time (other than the basics of how to use the camera) was to be sure to see the world in new ways:

  1. Learn to get on your belly and discover the world underneath your feet

  2. Climb every Mountain and view the world from above!

  3. Use every possible angle to discover the beauty of ordinary things that we often overlook in our day to day lives

I took his advice to Heart and started taking pictures of people, animals, flowers and Landscapes - really everything that caught my Eye. 

I fell in love with photography and was completely hooked from that day forward!

While I enjoy all types of photography, I’ve discovered that my favorite genres are documentary photography and conceptual/fine art photography. 

I love capturing people - whether it’s through my day-to-day work with at-risk kids or creating artistic portraits of individuals. I truly see beauty in everything, and my goal as a photographer is to bring that out so that every image plays upon the emotive nature of man. I want them to look at an image and be intrigued, inspired or moved by the what they are viewing. 

My primary job is working for Invest in Children Global, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping at risk and traumatized youth heal through music and the arts. We work with multiple other nonprofits, universities and youth centers together to educate the staff on the negative effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and why music and the arts are so effective in the healing process.

Our work has taken us to many post-conflict countries around the world: Russia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Turkey, and Greece, as well as many states in the USA. Part of the healing process with at-risk youth is providing them with a way to tell their story nonverbally. Music, Art and Photography are perfect tools for this! Another part of my job is to inform others of what these children have been through so that we can raise awareness and support for them. Thus, documentary photography plays a large role in our efforts abroad.

I had so much fun shooting the “What Keeps You Warm” storyline. In all honesty, when I heard the theme, all I could think of was “we’ll, I’d be looking forward to summer!” and the shoot and the story evolved from there. I hope you enjoy the images! I’m so excited to be a part of this community of creative photographers.