My Life, my Journey

by Michel Fouarge

Michel Fouarge is a photographer and artist based out of Luxembourg. In the past, Michel was an international male model. Leaving this chapter more or less behind, he is now focusing on his development as a visual artist. His artwork is made from thousands of objects and colors that create a fantastic world somewhere between magical and psychedelic. He has been the judge for the Luxembourg Art Prize.

Michel Fouarge

My Life, My Journey

I have been in the spotlight of the European fashion industry for a long time. While modeling for many years for major fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani and Gianfranco Ferré, I also served as Europe's marketing manager for COMSTOCK images. 

I lived an exciting life, meeting renowned photographers, designers, and celebrities. Then in June, 2002, I was a victim of a serious railway accident, which left me in a wheelchair. I spent many months in the hospital, then in rehabilitation. I had to relearn how to walk and had lost my long-term memory.  Needless to say, this accident ended my modeling career.

The accident gave me time to redefine myself and to envision images in my head. It was the start of an inner quest I have been following ever since. I bought a PC and graphics programs, then started working eight hours a day to teach myself how to turn my imaginary visions into virtual and graphic reality. These efforts started a career that has allowed me to be involved in a range of creative projects.


Alvion Saga

Graphic Arts: 

I participated in graphic arts competitions and my style was noticed. This led to me illustrating books such as the ALVION series, which is a heroic fantasy saga told over eight volumes. These books led to derivative products (e.g.,



Passionate about images and fashion, I worked for the prestigious agency VOGUE in Zürich, as a photographer-style revamp and then as a photographer for many fashion magazines and agencies that regularly entrust me with their models. I created new looks in order to flesh out their portfolios to expand the market they could target.



The image in all its forms led me to an exercise in defining a style. I wanted to find a style that is timeless, futuristic and universal, but without invoking religious connotations or any other message than the imaginary. I call my style "LET MY WORLD BECOME YOURS". 

I start by dividing the canvas into cells from top to bottom and from left to right. Each cell is different and unique; there is no repetition or copying and pasting.  Together, the cells give form and structure to my creations. My creations often take hundreds of hours of work to complete. My paintings are printed under DIASEC (registered trademark of museum quality) under vacuum and with polished edges. I limit each work to three signed copies. This technique required more than 13 years of testing and refinement to develop.

My work has been praised by the institution of ARTS AND LETTERS in Paris and I was recently selected by the Lancelin Gallery as a finalist in their 2015 art competition.

creation du monde



I starred in Chameleon, a thriller written and directed by David Danisa that exposes illegal activities in the Nigerian oil and gas business. The film was released in Africa and on video on demand. At the end of 2016, there was discussion of a possible sequel.


I write and perform music as well. My music videos have surpassed 4 million viewsand my songs have been played on numerous television shows as well as on the radio.