Photography Changes Everything

Edited by Marvin Heiferman, Foreword by Merry Foresta.

mages can have an immense influence on cultural thought and experience. Recently, the role that fashion photography plays in defining standards of beauty has come into question.

The truth is, photography’s influence extends well beyond that of fashion and beauty. Photographs affect not only how we view the world, but also what we think about it. Thus, photographers wield a tremendous amount of power. It is important to be aware of this power and to carefully consider how photographers’ perspectives influence the images we see and how we interpret them.


10% of all photos ever taken were shot in 2011

-- Fortune magazine, 24 September 2012

The role of photography in our lives has changed dramatically in the 21st century. 'Photography Changes Everything' serves as a forum for authorities on photography to consider the ways in which photographs present and filter information, capture our attention and imagination, and shape our thoughts about and how we experience the world. This book provides a look at the history of the medium, its range of uses both culturally and historically -- and how that is changing. Both experienced and beginning photographers alike should benefit from this thought provoking book. 'Photography Changes Everything' will encourage the reader to reconsider the place of photography in all of our lives.