Resizing Images for Submission



  1. Go to Image > Image Size 
  2. In the pop up box make sure that “Resample Image” at the bottom is checked. Then set the longest edge in “Pixel Dimensions” to 1200 pixels.


  1. Go to File > Export
  2. Under File Settings choose Image Format JPEG, Color Space sRGB, Quality 100 – 
  3. Under Image size check Resize to Fit - “Long Edge” and check Don’t Enlarge. Put in 1200 pixels and for Resolution put in 72 pixels per inch
  4. Click Export


  1. Find the image you want to use and double click it to edit it.
  2. Go to File Export to Folder
  3. Choose the location to export the file to and name the folder to put the file in
  4. Next to Image size click “Resize to:” and in the box below put in the length of the longest edge – 1200
  5. Set Image quality to “Normal”   and click Export


  1. Go to Image > Scale Image
  2. Set the longest edge 1200 pixels
  3. Click Scale
  4. Go to File > Export
  5. Choose where you want to save it and what to call it
  6. Click Export
  7. In the Export Image as JPEG popup choose Quality 100
  8. Click Export