Wendy Mogul

Wendy Mogul

Website: www.wendymogulphotography.com

Facebook: @wendymogulrealestatephotographer

Instagram: @ wendymogulphotography

Wendy Mogul is a freelance photographer in Charleston, South Carolina, USA where she specializes in Architecture, Photojournalism and Real Estate Photography. Prior to starting her own photography career, Wendy Mogul Photography, in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, she was the chief photographer for the city of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, USA, photographing the island as well as the town staff and administrators. In addition, she was the chief photographer for the Medical University of South Carolina, responsible for photographing all of their buildings and outreach facilities across South Carolina. 

Talking to Wendy about her work, you can feel her passion for her art, especially for Architecture Photography and the town of Charleston, South Carolina, USA. In her own words: “In Charleston, there are plenty of opportunities for beautiful architectural photography. The people in the town have done an amazing job blending the old building styles with newer techniques. There is always something new to discover that makes the town the perfect playground for Real Estate Photography!”

She proudly adds that she has enjoyed taking pictures ever since she can remember and even back then felt drawn to architecture and capturing the beauty of a building. She vividly remembers her father giving her a Minolta film camera as a gift in her mid-twenties. She names a blue glass office building at the end of her street when she was a resident in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as her first inspiration. She remarks: “The way the palm trees reflecting off the glass looked excited me, but also the building itself. This early passion has translated into my present photography.”