Windows into Texas

Windows Into Texas

Windows into Texas was created by Carol and Shannon Siver and features Photogrpahy by Shannon Siver



Windows Into Texas is a place to share images from around the state of Texas  and provide thoughts and feedback. Images on the site illustrate the immense size and the great diversity in the geography throughout the state. Images from West Texas may show mountains or a desert climate. This is a dramatic difference from East Texas with its forest and lakes. The pan handle of Texas provides images of open prairie and miles of cotton fields. South Texas offers a mix of images of desert climate and fields of agriculture. The Gulf Coast shows coastal communities and views of the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches and coast are uniquely Texan. In the summer months, images from the Gulf Coast offer blue skies except for the almost daily thunderstorms, that fill the afternoon skies with dark, powerful clouds. During the winter months a thick cloud deck and biting cold winds afford of a completely different environment. There is a peaceful feeling in all of these places. 

The images here show the Big Bend region of West Texas. The scale and the powerful landscape are impossible to appreciate until you visit the area and take in the sights, sounds and smells. In this area is possible to drive miles of open highway and not pass another car. There may not be Internet access or cell coverage in many places, and  there may be only one or two AM radio stations. Mountains can be seen in the distance and the stripes on the highway seem to go forever. The sunrises and sunsets are almost always spectacular, on a clear night, you can see thousands of stars and the Milky Way stretching across the sky.

Big Bend National Park has spectacular views of mountains, valleys, canyons and unique rock formations. At the edge of the park, the Rio Grande River defines the border between the United States and Mexico. The  areas of green on both sides of the river look like an oasis. Visit the nearby towns of Terlingua and Lajitas and local residents may tell you about the history of the area. These images only begin to provide a sense of the landscape and the beauty of West Texas.  

Knowing so much beauty is around us is part of what make us  proud to be Texan and gives us the spirit of Texas.